When considering the choice of a photographer, experience is key. I have shot in any myriad of locations and under conditions that most wedding photographers will never experience; working for demanding art directors for weeks at a time and hiring entire crews of talent in other cities.

When shooting a wedding, I believe it is very important for there to be dialog of what the content is style wise. When I shoot for a commercial client there is always one or even several preproduction meetings where an understanding is built. My goal is to have you look at the photography after your wedding day and gain an even broader prospective while being able to relive the event in your own shoes.

I include a pre-wedding day sitting that is completely up to your discretion. This allows me to become familiar with you as a couple. After the the pre-wedding sitting you walk home with all of your files.

Any extra accommodations such as a second shooter, an abbreviated coverage, video, etc., can be easily accommodated.

Prairie Production is the pinnacle of my career and what I like to think of as an empire I have built from scratch. I take great pride in pairing my studio and photography to create a masterpiece documentation of your only wedding day.

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